Professional Development

People need training and support throughout their careers, both as individuals and as teams, to develop their skills and continue to work effectively. At SumaLatam we know it and we’re consistently looking for training opportunities that will help us build a stronger and more skillful team.

Some of the training events our team attended this year were Congreso Hispanoamericano de Traducción Audiovisual; Las mil y una carátulas de los videojuegos; Selling Skills for Translation Project Managers; Localización y marketing; Sé fiel y no mires con quién: doblaje y subtitulación de cine; Adaptación de contenidos audiovisuales; II JORNADAS de TRADUCCIÓN JURÍDICA; La corrección de textos: desafío ineludible para el traductor.

By Universitat Pompeu Fabra; Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción (ISTRAD); Programa ESTAR, Área Audiovisual, Secretaría de Cultura, Municipalidad de Córdoba; Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Provincia de Córdoba; Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

We’re very excited to start HIPAA training next week, and already planning what training our clients will benefit the most from in 2019.

SumaLatam’s Sixth Anniversary

6 Years and Counting!

It’s a matter of great pride to see our company growing, embracing our values, and achieving more than what we have ever thought of.
We love that our anniversary month is also the time of the year to express how thankful we are. We truly appreciate our team for their dedication, our clients for their trust, and our families for their support. Thank you for staying with us through the years and for helping make SumaLatam a fantastic company now and for decades to come.
SumaLatam is better positioned than ever. We have the resources to solve tough problems in every facet of the localization process.
We look forward to seeing all of the great things we will accomplish together in the upcoming years.

Newly Redesigned Website

We’re excited to announce that our refreshed website is live!

The updated site includes changes to navigation, for both mobile and desktop versions. We’ve also improved the structure of our content, so you’ll get more from a quick read. There’s a whole host of smaller but impactful changes, all to make your experience of that much better for you.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing our new website, finding more options and information each time, and that it will be yet another tool for strengthening our business relations.

New Office Space!

Exciting things are happening at SumaLatam and we want to share some important news with you.
Loyalty from customers has fueled continued growth, making a move to a new facility necessary.
We’re going through our anniversary month while enjoying and decorating our new office space!
Our new offices will allow us to comfortably continue growing and providing our clients with the highest level of service.
We welcome you to stop by and visit us.
We look forward to seeing you!

Av. Rafael Nuñez 4444, Of. 15, Cerro de las Rosas
5009 Cordoba, Argentina


Our phone numbers will remain the same:
+54 9 351 255-0735
+1 847 6033310
San Diego
+1 949 4568581
+1 425 5789651
+1 305 7023209

We look forward to seeing and serving you at the greatly improved office surroundings.
This is just one of many exciting developments!

Happy Holidays!

As the end of this year approaches, we at SumaLatam can only wish for love, peace, and kindness towards one another.

Thankful for YOU

Thanksgiving is not a tradition in Argentina but it’s certainly worth borrowing and taking the opportunity to count our blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!

GIGO Vendor Management

“Garbage in, Garbage Out”, goes the phrase that implies the quality of the output is determined by the quality of the input. Put good stuff in your team and good stuff comes out! This is SumaLatam’s main focus regarding Vendor Management.

An effective way to start making sure only good raw material goes in (and stays in!) is to define your toolbox for all Vendor Management-related activities such as recruiting, evaluating, performance tracking, and training. Every company struggles to identify the best model for procuring, organizing, managing, and measuring their language partners. These tasks become easy with well-defined processes, and the necessary tools for each step will guarantee that your vendor management turns into a strength for your company.

Automating vendor management is the key to reproducibility of results, especially when the model revolves around using lots of vendors.

There are four main points that must be present in your Vendor Management process:

  • Recruiting
  • Analytics: performance tracking
  • Motivation
  • Training & Retaining good vendors

– Recruiting:

Always, clearly define YOUR ideal vendor:

Certification(s) + years of experience + subject matter + language combination + tool(s) + recommendations + level of service + responsiveness = YOUR OWN FRANKENSTEIN (YOF)

After you define “YOF”, select three or four filters such as years of experience, main tool(s), and field(s) before you begin reading CVs. Screening hundreds of resumes may seem an impossible task but it’s not really if you know exactly what you’re looking for as essential qualifications in your prospects.

– Analytics:

Another principle here: “what you measure you can likely control, and what you control, you can improve”. Develop tools to measure your vendors’ quality and performance. Ideally, all information from day one of the selection process will go into a single system and so will evaluation and tracking. This is something you can develop and integrate.

– Motivation:

Creating a sense of belonging is what motivation is about. With clear expectations and objectives, mutual trust and confidence, transparent information, reliable payment system, and consolidated account teams, motivated and loyal vendors are guaranteed. And in turn, motivation translates into good results.

– Training & Retaining good vendors:

Last but not least, to strengthen and complete the aspects described above, it’s important to adopt tools and develop materials to assist with training, communication, and delivery of the vendor management program. If you invest in vendor skills their performance will improve. You will have a healthy team and, therefore, your business will be healthy too.

Vendor Management is where all these four aspects of the business come together to guarantee good quality input which will result in the good quality output your clients are looking for.

SumaLatam Anniversary News 2014

SumaLatam celebrates a successful second year of operations in Argentina. Cecilia Irós, CEO, said: “It is a very proud moment for us to see the results. As we enter our third year, we are growing into a key part of the Latin American landscape.

“Can’t Read, Won’t Buy”

Tips importantes a la hora de elegir nuestro proveedor de idiomas

Como crear ventajas competitivas a través del idioma y la primera impresión es la que cuenta son puntos a los cuales hicimos referencia en notas anteriores. Dos puntos importantes en la imagen de la empresa y directamente relacionados a lo lingüístico. En esta nota, las primeras preguntas importantes que debemos hacernos antes de elegir un proveedor lingüístico, quien jugará un papel principal en esta tarea.

  • ¿Quien hace la traducción?

Si soy bilingüe NO soy traductor, también descripto en el artículo de la publicación de Agosto 2013. No solo es importante tener en cuenta la contratación de profesionales, sino también que el lingüista traduzca a su lengua nativa y preferentemente que resida en el país a donde estamos localizando. Contratando una empresa proveedora de servicios lingüísticos evitaremos problemas como estos, ya que las empresas saben que las traducciones deben ser localizadas al país de destino, cuestión que traductores independientes omitirían.

  • Manejo de la traducción como un “proceso”

La traducción conlleva más de un paso y tarea. Es necesario que exista un referente para manejar el proceso, si contratamos una agencia de traducción, esta persona será el Project Manager. Encargado de aunar información y del intercambio de preguntas que surjan desde el equipo de traductores. Que el proveedor de traducción ofrezca varios pasos durante este proceso, es lo que nos dejará ver que el proceso utilizado es el correcto. Una traducción debe ser corregida y revisada, o sea debe intervenir más de una persona en la misma.

  • ¿Tengo referencias de mi proveedor?

Es importante que nuestro proveedor de traducción realmente tenga experiencia en lo que nosotros necesitamos. Por eso un punto importante es chequear referencias y clientes con los que nuestro proveedor trabaje o haya trabajado.

  • ¿Cómo identificar un buen proveedor lingüístico y cuáles son tus valores?

Tener claro nuestro objetivo e identificar lo que nos ofrece cada agencia de traducción, nos facilitará la selección. Una agencia con visión orientada al cliente nos facilitará la dinámica, y podremos confiar en ellos una parte de la planificación de expansión global.

Una agencia que este apasionado con su rol en su nuevo emprendimiento será la mejor elección. Las agencias de traducción ofrecen muchos servicios, por eso a la hora de elegir es importante hacer reuniones para dejar en claro las necesidades y objetivos, de esta forma elegiremos un proveedor alineado a nuestra idea y un proveedor que podrá acompañarnos a los largo de todo el proceso de expansión global.

SumaLatam cuenta con equipos de profesionales capacitados en el aspecto lingüístico y tecnológico además del área de especialización de cada uno, lo cual garantiza los puntos explicados y, por lo tanto, una excelente calidad de servicio.