Translation and Localization

Localization is the process by which products or services, and their documentation, are modified from a linguistic and cultural standpoint in order to reflect the difference in a specific market. It involves a whole lot more than language knowledge. Something apparently inconsequential, like using the right metric system, will determine whether you can engage your target users, and make them buy from you.

Make our translation services your main weapon of seduction, build customer loyalty, and increase your income. SumaLatam’s specialized team has the necessary scalability, know-how, and tools to localize all your projects.

Our professional translation services include language translation of all types of documents, in all formats, volumes and languages. We offer efficient, accurate and dependable professional translation services.

While we specialize in Latin American languages professional translation services, we frequently translate documents in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, and other languages with native, experienced, industry-specific language translators.

As part of our set of professional translation services, we can help you build a key element in your multilingual strategy – translation assets. Translation assets allow you and your organization to leverage prior translations and glossaries for:

–             Improving consistency, especially when different translators are working on the same project or type of project.

–             Reducing the time spent on the overall translation process.

–             Reducing costs of long-term translation projects.

Also, these assets are proprietary and will be applicable to any related translation project. Our professional services will ensure your translation assets are maintained with the latest technology and updated after every project. For clients with existing translation memory and glossaries, we can assess them to make sure that they are optimized for future use. We understand our growth is tied to our clients’ growth. We will help you develop the tools that will increase your multilingual content and reduce the cost of translating new content.

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