Not missing a word from oral to written. Our transcription services are most often requested for the conversion of audio feed to text. This is often a necessary element in the production of any multilingual video/audio content. Once transcribed, the text can be captioned directly or may also be used as the source for subsequent translations into different languages.

When translating dialogue from audio recordings into another language, we first assign native linguists to transcribe the text in the original language. A second team of native speakers of the target language is in charge of the translation. This process is more reliable than simultaneous audio translation, which skips the step of transcribing the audio feed in the original language.

Our goal is to provide transcription service of all types and in all languages to provide you with a single solution for all your transcription needs. We most commonly handle the transcription of media, television, digital audio and video production, interviews, phone calls, lectures, speeches, conference calls, podcasts, focus groups, seminars, panel discussions, multi-person interviews, research interviews, documentary interviews, legal depositions, judicial, and many more.

Our technical experts will help you and your organization with efficient file transfers and, if necessary, conversion of the file formats to more user friendly formats, such as .mp3.

Transcription pricing is straightforward and simple since it’s based on a price per minute of audio that varies based on the language and complexity of the content of the source audio feed. If the transcription needs to be translated into another language, an additional translation charge will apply.

Also among our services is text transcription from locked print and digital documents into formats that facilitate content reuse and re-purposing.

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