IT and Technical

We are equipped to make your software a multiple language product, including everything from
the translation and localization of the User Interface, to Instructions, Menus, Shortcuts, Manuals, Agreements, Legal and Information Security Disclaimers, and Packaging Content.

We’ve delivered professional translation projects on several engineering fields, aeronautics, information technology (IT) in general, consumer electronics, architecture, and construction.

For: Holcim, Minetti, National University of Cordoba, Southern Winds, Air Atlanta Icelandic, .NET Association, CEVE, NetJets, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Metaswitch Networks, Nvidia, Fujitsu, Linksys, Expedia, General Electric, AT&T, Black & Decker, Skype, Ericsson, MATCO, Exxon, The Home Depot, and Navistar, among others.

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